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What Does Dental Aesthetics Consist Of And What Treatments Does It Include

What Does Dental Aesthetics Consist Of And What Treatments Does It Include?

Smiling is a sign of joy and security in your person. Wearing a perfect smile and looking good, it is important to feel safe and have high self-esteem. Oral care is essential and the techniques and solutions offered by the dentist in dental clinics in Barcelona are increasingly advanced, in order to provide patients with a beautiful smile, just what they are looking for. The cosmetic dentistry is a specialty of dentistry, dealing among other things, to resolve the disharmony of the teeth, which can cause a problem or a nuisance to the person requesting cosmetic dental treatments. Aimed at improving the shape, color, size of teeth; In short, improve the smile of a patient who is not happy with their teeth.

More and more there are more and better dental aesthetic treatment options that allow us to offer individual solutions to each of our patients. Advances in the field of materials and procedures in aesthetic dentistry have greatly increased the possibilities of aesthetic treatments. In our competitive and modern society, a pleasant appearance often indicates a difference between success and failure both professionally and personally. Because the mouth is one of the focal points of the face, it should not come as a surprise that the smile plays an important role in how we perceive ourselves, as well as the people around us.

Aesthetic Dentistry, as in other areas, is based on laws and techniques, also using an intuitive approach, logical principles in the search for an aesthetically satisfying, pleasant and natural smile.  



Porcelain veneers are a minimally invasive restorative treatment option, which can improve the shape, harmony and color of the teeth. If you want a more balanced, brighter smile, or just a different smile, dental veneers are probably the ideal solution for you. When using porcelain dental veneers, you can choose any color, and the color change is permanent. This type of restorative treatment consists of small sheets that adhere to the tooth through an adhesive technique. Once the tooth has been prepared by making a small carving, so you can finally change its shape and color with good aesthetic results.

Now the veneers have qualities such as wear resistance, or fluorescence, which in the presence of ultraviolet light the veneers have the same appearance as natural teeth. With the veneers an unsurpassed aesthetic is achieved, in addition to being made with biocompatible materials, which means that they have an optimal tolerance of the surrounding tissues, thus avoiding causing undesirable effects on the rest of the mouth. The life expectancy and aesthetics of porcelain veneers exceed those of composite. Find out all about the treatment with porcelain veneers


These are ultra-thin and extraordinarily resistant ceramic sheets that are as thin (0.2, 0.3, 0.4 mm) as a contact lens. The novelty of the system, unlike traditional veneers, is that they are placed without having to modify the tooth and without the need to extract any pieces. Which makes it a reversible and not painful treatment, in which the tooth remains intact and healthy.


The composite veneers are composed of a material that is applied directly to the tooth, whose surface has been previously treated with a special adhesive system. The latest generation of composites that we use in our clinic in Barcelona, ​​offers wear resistance similar to that of natural enamel, a range of shades that fit any tooth color and excellent long-term color stability.


When the patient is not satisfied with the color of his smile. Whitening is the most conservative treatment of choice.

To perform a treatment to whiten our teeth first of all we will have to perform oral hygiene and remove dental stains. Dental stains caused by food or drinks are easy to remove from the surface of the tooth, the most commonly used procedure is the use of abrasive agents such as toothpastes.

Person Teeth Before And After Whitening


The dental recontorneado is an ideal treatment to combine it with the teeth whitening; It is performed without anesthesia, it consists in performing selective wear of the teeth. It is an effective method to correct small dental imperfections. Reconstituting the natural tooth and achieving an illusion of straightening, in cases where it is necessary to make “small modifications” is a quick, painless and lasting procedure, which the patient is grateful for, which can be done for small aesthetic changes.


Nowadays with orthodontic treatments you can correct not only the bad position of the teeth but also align them correctly, modify the crowding, close diastemas (space between teeth) to achieve a harmonious smile and improve the functionality of your teeth. With the orthodontic treatment we can move your teeth and align them perfectly and thus we will not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but also improve the functionality of your teeth. If you want to get an orthodontic treatment, you have to anticipate it with time since the orthodontic treatment can last from 3 to 24 months.

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