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Side Effects Of Wearing Dentures

Side Effects Of Wearing Dentures

People often feel the need to visit a dentist, followed by continuous dental pain. A minor check-up and a prescription of routine medicines are what everyone expects while taking a visit to a dentist. But that is not always the case. Negligence is a common human habit, and such types of minor pains are often ignored, resulting in increasing the magnitude of consequence. Many of these visits, especially in older age, don’t go as per expectations and often do give surprises.

Dentists have said that people during these visits often are advised with getting a root canal therapy or a tooth crown. Root canal therapy is not liked much by people and is often regarded as more hurting than getting the affected tooth removed. So, people who are advised with getting a root canal, often opt for getting their tooth removed. It marks the beginning of a path to dentures.

Side Effects of wearing Dentures

Ways in which Dentures affect you

Dentures, while providing a balance in the mouth and ability to chew and eat in the absence of natural teeth, can also be a pain. A person with a denture can experience difficulty in speaking and gag often due to the denture being close to the throat. It also makes the chewing and eating ability a bit poor, but of course, some is better than none in the case of losing all the teeth.

Problems of Partial Dentures

In the case of partial dentures, if a person still has some of their natural teeth, a denture can loosen the existing teeth due to the trauma created by them while they are fixed and removed. Also, Dentures are aesthetically poor. Some dentures are a bit visually odd and give an unpleasant look to the face. Also, upon getting old, dentures get dirty, stained, and also smell bad, giving an unpleasant effect overall. Partial dentures also get loose by time and break more easily, making their users more prone to an internal oral injury. Wearing dentures can be very painful at times, so to avoid getting to the stage of wearing them too early in life, one should take care of their teeth. Also, negligence can be very harmful and can cause early trouble, so whenever someone feels constant pain in their teeth, they should immediately visit a dentist and get their advised treatment done on priority. Permanent loss of a single tooth can lead to loss of all the teeth one by one. A loss of a tooth creates a space between two teeth and invites them to bend towards the space created. It makes them lose their vertical alignment and more vulnerable to break.

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