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Same Day Crowns

At Dacus Dental, we offer a same-day dental crown procedure by appointment. Crowns are a “cap” that is placed on selected teeth due to cracks, weakness, or discoloration. Our same-day crowns allow patients to come into the office once and leave with a completed restorative procedure in as little as two hours. This service eliminates the need for patients to make multiple appointments and having to wait for their lab created crown to be delivered. Along with only needing one appointment, same-day crowns are color matched to blend in with your natural teeth.

Our same-day crowns allow our office to merge a traditional dental procedure with modern technology using CAD CAM technology. During your appointment we will take 3D images of the tooth receiving the crown using a specialized intra-oral camera. Our highly trained staff will then upload the images into the program used to create your crown and make any adjustments needed to ensure a comfortable fit. Your dentist will then review the designed crown and once approved the image will be sent to our in-house machine and carved from a block of ceramic. Once the crown has been cleaned off it is ready to be adhered to the prepped tooth.

Many patients bring up the worry about cost regarding same-day CEREC crowns and we are pleased to let patients know the pricing is comparable to traditional crowns. Our same-day crowns last eighteen years on average with proper oral care. During your normal dental visits, we will check your crown for any signs of wear.

Please contact our office to schedule your CEREC same-day crown appointment today!