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Root Canals

At Dacus Dental, we recommend our patients undergo root canal therapy when the soft tissue, or pulp, inside the root becomes inflamed or infected. If the inflammation or infection is left untreated an abscess can form and the infection is more likely to spread to the surrounding gum tissue. It is important to let your dental hygienist know if you are experiencing any pain, tenderness when chewing, or sensitivity to heat and/or cold. These are common signs for indicating if a root canal may be necessary.

Damage to a tooth’s pulp is most commonly cause by a chip/crack, decay, or repeated procedures performed on that specific tooth. Once the pulp becomes damaged it begins to break down and bacteria begins to form and build up within the pulp chamber. To ensure minimal discomfort we will use a local anesthesia before beginning the procedure. During your procedure we will make a small opening in the tooth’s top and carefully remove the infected pulp by cleaning out the inside of the tooth’s root, including the nerves. Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned if will then be filled and the gap will be sealed.

For patients who have chosen a CEREC same-day crown, we will take images of your tooth to be used to create your crown in office. Your crown will be created and within an hour your permanent crown will be adhered to your tooth. If you have chosen a different type of crown we will take a mold and send it out to a lab for your crown to be created. We will place a temporary crown over your tooth and schedule another appointment for your permanent crown to be installed.

It is normal for patients to feel mild discomfort in the area surrounding the tooth for the next few days. The best way to care for your new crown is to follow your your normal routine for brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash. Please contact our office staff to schedule your consultation!