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At Dacus Dental, we strive to make sure your dental dentures fit perfectly and restore your beautiful smile. Our dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue while resembling your natural teeth. Dentures are a removable appliance that are designed to last numerous years and may require occasional adjustments to due normal wear. Patients who have either lost all, or several, teeth in either the upper or lower arch are good candidates for receiving dentures.

There are two main types of dentures that we offer to our patients are partial or complete. A partial denture is used to fill gaps from missing teeth while also helping to prevent any natural teeth from shifting due to those gaps. A complete denture is used when patients need all their teeth replaced. During your consultation we will go over the procedure and take molds of your teeth along with photographs which will be used to create the dentures. At your procedure appointment we will removing any teeth in the specific area and close the gums. Your immediate denture will allow you to have teeth while your gums are healing, and then once healing is complete we will make final adjustments ensuring a proper denture fit.

Once you have your new denture, it is normal to experience temporary chewing and speech difficulty, increased saliva flow, and some soreness. These symptoms will subside once your muscles and tissues get used to the new denture. To aid in the life of your new denture, good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and proper cleaning of your dental appliance is essential.

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