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What is Microdontia?

What is the normal size of the teeth?
To achieve a perfect smile all the components of your mouth must be in balance and harmony. This includes the shape of the lips, the length of the gums, the alignment and size of the teeth.
The measures of the teeth vary, therefore, there is no normal size of the teeth, but a range. In fact, there are many theories and results found by experts in the area regarding the dimensions of different types of teeth.

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Side Effects Of Wearing Dentures

Side Effects Of Wearing Dentures

People often feel the need to visit a dentist, followed by continuous dental pain. A minor check-up and a prescription of routine medicines are what everyone expects while taking a visit to a dentist. But that is not always the case. Negligence is a common human habit, and such types of minor pains are often ignored, resulting in increasing the magnitude of consequence. Many of these visits, especially in older age, don’t go as per expectations and often do give surprises.

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